The 8 Treasures | Green Tea

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The 8 Treasures | Green Tea

The unique composition of “The Eight Treasures” brings an unforgettable aroma and taste within the first seconds of brewing. Like a beautiful flower opening, this tea reveals itself more and more with each sip, drawing us into a mysterious and unique world of the East. Its taste is so versatile and beautiful that you want to prolong the moment of tasting as much, as possible. Also, this blend refers to the group of cleansing teas, meaning that it has a positive affect on digestion, which helps to promote healthy metabolism. 

 Ingredients: Sencha green tea, Gunpowder, Mini Tuo Tea, Chun Mee, white tea, Lung ching, Snow Bud, Pi Lo Chun, candied pineapple pieces, strawberries, sunflower petals, flavor.

The 8 Treasures | Green Tea