Menopause Ease Tea | Herbal Tea

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Menopause Ease Tea | Herbal Tea

This tea’s formula strengthens and tones the endocrine system. The adrenals, which
take on the role of producing estrogen after the ovaries cease to, often need a boost
during this transitional time. This blend will help to revitalize such glands. In order for
herbs to be effective, they must be used consistently. Unlike some forms of medicine,
herbs do not promise instant cures or relief, but used regularly over an extended period
of time, they gradually ensure steady, long-lasting results.
Ingredients: licorice root*, wild yam, sassafras, sarsaparilla, vitex (chaste berries)*,
ginger*, cinnamon*, dandelion root*, orange peel*, dong quai*. (*Organic)
Directions: For each quart of tea use four to six tablespoons of herb mixture. Simmer
over a very low heat for twenty minutes. Strain. Drink three to four cups daily for three
months or as long as needed. The herbs may be simmered several times before being
thrown away. Make a quart of tea each day and drink it through-out the day. It maybe
refrigerated and drunk cold. May add other ingredients like honey, lemon or stevia to
adjust the taste to your preference!

Menopause Ease Tea | Herbal Tea