Ginger Rooibos | Herbal Tea

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Ginger Rooibos | Herbal Tea


Rooibos, Ginger bits and Egyptian Chamomile. Considerable evidence has emerged in recent years of the usefulness of ginger against particular digestive symptoms, namely nausea and vomiting. It has shown to be effective for motion sickness and a better substitute than some prescribed medications because it does not cause side-effects such as drug-related drowsiness. Rooibos has wonderful nutritive properties for being caffeine-free and containing vital nutrients and trace minerals filled up with anti-oxidants. Ginger Rooibos is a great herbal tea to drink when you have an upset tummy for any reason and it tastes terrific. We add Organic Chamomile to enhance the natural sweetness of Rooibos.

Ginger Rooibos | Herbal Tea