Dragonwell Lungching Grade 1 | Green Tea

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Dragonwell Lungching | Green Tea


Origin: China. Lung Ching translated means Dragon's Well. The legend of its name comes from a story around 250 AD when the farmers of the Hangzhou region had been praying for rain and discovered a dragon lurking near a spring in the hills. They implored the dragon to come to their rescue. Instantly, clouds came rushing in from all sides and poured forth timely rain. On this account, the temple adjoining the spring is known as Dragon's Well Monastery, and the tea derives its name from the same legend. The finest Lung Ching is produced only near the beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou. The leaf is remarkably flat and smooth and is slick to the touch. Dragon Well gives a light emerald liquor with a most intriguing vegetative aroma and mellow, sweet taste.

Dragonwell Lungching Grade 1 | Green Tea