Chunmee Moon Palace | Green Tea

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Chunmee Moon Palace | Green Tea


Origin: China. The crescent shape of the processed leaves gives the name Chun Mee to this more popular "eyebrow" tea. Several eyebrow teas are produced in China's Jiangxi province, an ancient tea-producing area in China. Jiangxi is also home to what is sometimes called "China's Capital of Porcelain". Chun Mee, meaning Precious Eyebrow, is made using time-honored methods with a large metal wok. Great skill is required to achieve the right shape. Temperature, length of time and coordination of hand movements must be well synchronized to produce the fine, tight, eyebrow-shaped leaves, which have been likened to a work of art. The twisted leaf is attractive and the liquor is golden with a mellow, plum-like flavor with a medium-bodied cup.

Chunmee Moon Palace | Green Tea