Blue Butterfly Fruit Blend | Herbal Tea

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Blue Butterfly Fruit Blend | Herbal Tea

A dramatically beautiful fruit blend, yields sweet and blue in color cup of fruit tea! The aroma of this blend interprets sweet vanilla notes, which makes this cup a perfect, healthy satisfaction for those with sweet tooth. 

Naturally, Blue Butterfly Pea flower extracts blue color and changes its color in water when pH balance changes. High in antioxidant, this non-chemical and caffeine flower is full of health benefits. Some of them include anti-aging properties, improves eyesight and hair growth, reduces anxiety and stress, and boosts brain function. 

Try it with a piece of lemon and watch the tea color change!

Ingerdients: Apple, carrot, ginger, and vanilla pieces; bean peels, goji berries, raisins, butterfly pea blossoms, conrflower petals, natural flavor. 


Blue Butterfly Fruit Blend | Herbal Tea