English Breakfast Blend | Black Tea

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English Breakfast Blend | Black Tea

Origin: India and Sri Lanka.

English Breakfast Tea was indirectly the result of Scottish Tea Master Drysdale who is said to have created a tea blend named "Breakfast Tea" in Edinburgh over a hundred years ago. It was marketed simply as "Breakfast Tea". It became popular in England due to the craze Queen Victoria created for things Scottish (the summer home of Victoria and Albert was the Highland castle of Balmoral). Tea shops in London, however, changed the name and marketed it as "English Breakfast Tea". It is a blend of fine black teas, often including some Keemun tea. Each tea company creates its own "breakfast" blend or "afternoon" blend just as English, Irish and Scottish are private tea blends. It's a matter of one's taste preference. Notably, on our shelves of boxed tea bags, some blend descriptions are reversed between major tea labels. One must taste, taste, taste to determine a personal favorite. Carnelian Rose Tea's blend is made of small-leaf teas from India and Ceylon, this rich and smooth British-type blend can be drunk with milk if you prefer. It is to be enjoyed all day.

English Breakfast Blend | Black Tea