Earl Grey Fancy | Flavored Black Tea

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Earl Grey Fancy | Flavored Black Tea

CERTIFIED KOSHER: Blend of black teas infused with earl grey.

Earl Grey Tea is probably the world's favorite flavored tea. The original blend of Earl Grey tea was named for Charles Grey (Second Earl), who was a British diplomat on a mission to China. Legend has it that he was given the recipe by a local Mandarin Chinese friend. The Earl Grey flavor is made from Oil of Bergamot, citrus bergamia, which is derived from the peel of bergamot, a pear-shaped fruit which smells similar to a combination of orange and grapefruit. Made with tea from China as was the original Earl Grey blend, we use a fancy tea leaf and natural, not artificial, oil of bergamot. Compared to other companies' Earl Grey blends, the natural oil adds nearly a double-bergamot flavor. A full-bodied tea, it is a self-drinker that takes sweetener and lemon well.

Ingredients: Blend of black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China, corn flowers, natural bergamot flavor.

Directions: Use 1 tsp. of tea per 8 oz cup of filtered water. Steep at 212 F for 3-5 minutes or to your preferred taste.

Earl Grey Fancy | Flavored Black Tea