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Peppermint, Organic 2 oz
CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Peppermint from the Pacific Northwest.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Peppermint from the Pacific Northwest. Peppermint is one of nature's finest digestives and peppermint herb helps oxygenate the blood - therefore it is of invaluable assistance in healing circulatory disorders, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, fevers, PMS, stress and tension. Recent research has found that peppermint herb and herbal compounds stimulate the brain and increases the capacity to retain fact and to hold the memory. Peppermint is a great boost when performing tasks that require mental acuity. Peppermint also assists in the treatment of colic, tension, and helps stimulate bile flow (good for indigestion). It is helpful with morning sickness and is frequently prescribed for sinus and breathing issues. We combine peppermint with spearmint, wintergreen and rose petals in our Carnelian Rose Tea "Garden Pearls".  Peppermint can be added to any other beverage or plain since it's ...... purely peppermint.
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